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Posted by Paki {} on May 10, 2003 at 16:27:07:

In Reply to: Samoan Martial Arts posted by Blue {} on April 16, 2003 at 10:50:15:

Understood. Everything you are about to read is my opinion of Samoan Martial Arts. I offer it as my opinion, and if there are those who do not agree with me...that is fine. It is my opinion.

Lima Lama (Lima Malamalama...the Hand of Wisdom - see the attached url) from what I understand is Tino Tuiloselega's combining what he understood to be Samoan Lua, Moko and Pi'i. Lua is a more universal Polynesian system whose roots can be traced to several island groups including Samoa and Hawaii. Pi'i is the Samoan version of wrestling. He added Chow's Kempo (Kara-Ho), boxing, and Judo to make the result more practical for today's use. It can be effective, like any other art...but that depends on the fighter. If one does not have the heart of a warrior, than that person is faking it and no matter how many years they've studied or how many systems they've learned....they will still be their butt kicked if faced by a true warrior. There are those of us who have inherited our ancestral warrior spirit, which is evident to those Samoans and other Pacific Island brothers and sisters who grace the halls of sports, the military, and other avenues of physical skill. Bottom line is this...some claim to have something they know nothing of.

As a warrior society, we did have a martial art, and several vicious ones. Created to maim or kill with one blow. Moko is the Polynesian art of bone breaking, and from the stories I heard of it when I was younger, the Samoan version of this art was effective. Where with a open palm, one can induce mass internal injury with a blow placed in the right spot. It is from here that the Samoan art of Fofo is related, because both moko and fofo were part of the same system.
Malietoa's personal guard, Le Taumasina practiced these forms to protect His Highness and control the realm by attrition, and covert maneuvers. In order for any sovereign leader to maintain control in an isolated kingdom such as our islands of Samoa, complete control had to be administered fiercely and without prejudice. Prior to the arrival of the Missionairies, the price paid for breaking any taboo no matter how small was usually met with a fatal end.

Unfortunately, this is only speculation because there is no written history, and no mention of this in the Samoan High Language. Thanks to the arrival of the European monsters...any history of any Samoan Martial Art is lost forever...It is a sad thing for us to lose that part of our history.


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